The utility of the future? Think shopping mall

By Elisa Wood April 1, 2010 The energy world is about to turn upside down. With the coming of smart grid, the electricity consumer becomes the electricity seller; the passive home appliance becomes the active energy manager; the grid repairman becomes the grid itself. Such an upheaval means that the energy world needs to start thinking about a … [Read more...]

Next: The wattcom boom

By Elisa Wood June 11, 2009 I was at a meeting about three years ago where state energy commissioners and power plant developers were debating new market rules, some to take effect almost immediately, others five years out. A wise commissioner looked around the room and said something like: “All that matters are the immediate rules because … [Read more...]

Googlifying the electric grid

By Elisa Wood February 12, 2009 If you showed Alexander Graham Bell cell phone towers, he’d be stumped. But if you let Thomas Edison tinker with our electricity grid, he’d know just what to do -- not because of his genius, but because electric transmission has changed little since Edison’s day. Telephone technology advanced; electricity did not. … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Markets chooses its favorites of 2008

By Reid Smith January 8, 2009 We appreciate the entries submitted for Energy Efficiency Markets’ first annual ‘best of’ contest. It is difficult to select winners in an industry that is burgeoning with innovation. We hope you find our selections as intriguing as we did. Please continue to email us ( about interesting … [Read more...]