How risky are energy efficiency investments?

By Elisa Wood February 25, 2010 Last week’s announcement of $8.3 billion – and possibly as much as $54.5 billion – in US federal loan guarantees for nuclear power plants sparked debate about risk of default on loans. What are the chances the plants will be built? Critics unearthed a Congressional Budget Office report citing a 50% risk the … [Read more...]

Efficiency “sweet spot” for investors

By Elisa Wood February 18, 2010 Energy efficiency appears to have married rich in partnering with smart grid. Yet another report shows that together they have formed what has become today’s most appealing clean tech sector for venture capital. Ernst & Young, using data from Dow Jones VentureSource, recently reported that financing rounds … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for the Next US Industrial Boom

By Elisa Wood September 4, 2008 Selling large manufacturers on energy efficiency isn’t easy, even though they stand to achieve great bang for the buck. Manufacturers are apt to only consider efficiency improvements as part of a major plant expansion or improvement. Such capital expenditures tend to occur in a cyclical fashion, and manufacturers … [Read more...]