Annobon Island Microgrid: Case Study

A microgrid case study: The Annobon Island Microgrid, a reliable and cost-effective island microgrid. Annobon Province, an island off Equatorial Guinea in west central Africa, has a population of approximately 5,000 residents. The residents only have reliable electricity for up to five hours per day and spend an average of 15-20 percent of their … [Read more...]

Caribbean Island Says Goodbye Diesel and Hello 100% Renewables and Energy Storage

Kaitlyn Bunker of Rocky Mountain Institute details how Bonaire used renewables and energy storage to replace diesel generators. Bonaire (pop. 14,500), a small island off the coast of Venezuela, is famous for its beautiful marine reefs, which are visited by 70,000 tourists every year. What many of the tourists don’t realize is that the majority … [Read more...]

Next for Microgrid: From Island to Mainland to Data Centers

Remote outposts face one set of energy problems; the interconnected US grid another entirely. Can microgrids be a solution for both? Power automation and technology company ABB believes they can. From its North Carolina offices, the Switzerland-based company is eyeing the lower 48 states after focusing its microgrid strategy on places like … [Read more...]