Safe, Efficient Light Bulbs–Not LED or CFL

Lisa Cohn of interviews Scott Blackstone, CEO of Vu 1 about the company's light bulbs, which he says are more efficiant than incandescents, sager than CFLs and less expensive than LEDs. They are now being carried by Lowe's.   Safe, Efficient Light Bulbs--Not LED or CFL ] … [Read more...]

Goodbye light bulb jokes?

By Elisa Wood April 6, 2011 Once upon a time, joking about ‘how many it takes to screw in a light bulb’ was a great way to poke fun at people’s intelligence. After all, what could be easier than screwing in a light bulb? Any idiot could do it. Not so any more. Lighting has exploded into a sophisticated business. And for those who manage … [Read more...]

Breaking light bulb myths

By Elisa Wood March 16, 2011 I have to agree with the Tea Party; the US government should not choose the light bulbs I use in my home.  And fortunately, it does not. Yet that’s the spin being pushed by those who want to roll back federal lighting performance standards. An odd mythology is developing around the standards. Opponents claim that the … [Read more...]