Why Microgrids Need Standards and Who’s Providing Them

No standards exist for microgrids that address reliability, connection to the grid, efficiency and other issues, says Michael Overturf, CEO of ZF Energy Development. His firm has partnered with the Perfect Power Institute to provide LEED-like standards for these facilities, located in campuses, medical facilities, industrial plants and other areas. … [Read more...]

How Do Microgrids Make Money?

Demand for microgrids is growing. But how do microgrids make money when they are part of the U.S. grid? Much depends on standards set by regulators, policymakers and grid operators, which are likely to vary depending on where the microgrid is located. Utility regulation is set at the state level.  So microgrid operators may find themselves … [Read more...]

Massachusetts Offers $40M for Energy Resiliency, Microgrids

Massachusetts is offering $40 million for energy resiliency projects, including microgrids, to protect communities from power outages during severe weather. Called the Community Clean Energy Resiliency Initiative, the program is geared toward critical facilities, like hospitals, police stations, shelters, communications facilities, grocery … [Read more...]

Energy Storage in NYC: This is Not a Test

Energy storage got a high profile boost this week with the announcement of vanadium batteries being installed for New York City’s power-hungry transit system. Called the CellCube, the 400-kW battery system is being housed atop the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s 1.6 million square foot office building in downtown Manhattan. The batteries … [Read more...]

Microgrids: Three Questions

Microgrids offer advantages for reliability and bringing more renewables onto the grid. 1. What are the benefits of integrating renewable energy with microgrids? The obvious first benefit is related to cost of generation reduction. With the increasing costs of traditional fossil fuel based generation, such as diesel, and the reduction in … [Read more...]

Confused about How to Develop a Microgrid?

If you’d like to develop a microgrid for your business, campus or community, but don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. In the US, the race is on to build these mini-grids that can keep the power flowing when the larger grid goes down. But it’s a race without a pathway or clear rules in many states. Regulators appear to be chasing the market … [Read more...]

Joule Assets Part 2: How to Achieve the Real Potential of Microgrid

Two topics keep cropping up in our conversations with energy efficiency insiders: 1) Joule Assets' new investment fund 2) Microgrid. So we recently brought the two together by asking Joule Assets CEO Mike Gordon about the investment potential for microgrid. Joule Assets made headlines in January with the launch of its $100 million Energy … [Read more...]

Massachusetts to Issue Energy Efficiency RFPs and Seek Microgrid and Grid Resiliency

Massachusetts utilities plan to issue more than 20 energy efficiency requests for proposals this year through a collaboration known as Mass Save. The utilities will seek vendors and suppliers for lighting programs, large commercial & industrial retrofits, whole building assessments, home energy services, rebate strategies, school educational … [Read more...]

Why Insiders are Bullish on Microgrid

Microgrids are coming to the US, but they face some significant roadblocks. What’s driving the sudden upswing in their development? And what’s getting in the way? A panel of microgrid experts tackled these questions last week at the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) BuildingEnergy 14 conference in Boston. Ed Krapels, founder of … [Read more...]

Microgrids: Coming or No?

By Elisa Wood May 6, 2013 You know that experience, when you buy a new car, and suddenly you see the model everywhere? Since Superstorm Sandy I’ve had the equivalent experience with the term ‘microgrid.’ Policymakers and thought leaders in the US Northeast started talking microgrid in earnest shortly after the October 2012 storm leveled … [Read more...]