Nest Learning Thermostat: Like Your Family Dog, Except Pays for Itself

Energy companies often envy those like Apple or Netflix that capture the collective imagination. If only consumers felt the same about smart meters, or insulation or attic fans! But alas, energy products lack allure – at least that’s the truism. Someone forgot to tell this to Nest, which appears to be moving the plebeian home thermostat along the … [Read more...]

Google and Microgrids: Most Read Articles on

Smart thermostats catch your attention, or at least Nest does. Microgrids interest you too. That's what we learned about you, readers, based on your visits to our site in the first six months of 2014 The most read article for the first half of this year was Google and Nest: What the $3.2 Billion Deal Says about Energy … [Read more...]

Business Suicide or Business Genius? Why NRG Energy Wants its Customers to Buy Less of its Product

NRG Energy is the largest power generation company in the United States. It makes its money – obviously – selling energy. So what’s its subsidiary, Reliant Energy, doing pushing the ThinkEco modlet, a product all about cutting back on energy use? Welcome to the new world of energy, where power companies are embracing those technologies that could … [Read more...]