Are Smart Thermostats the New CFLS?

The U.S. energy efficiency industry has been bemoaning the lack of low-hanging fruit – inexpensive and easy energy savings – now that efficient lightbulbs are fairly ubiquitous. Could smart thermostats be the new replacement? Events in Chicago last week suggest so. The smart thermostat is starting to show scale. In what project sponsors say is … [Read more...]

Opower, Nest are Winners in Home Energy Management

Opower and Nest are leading the growing market in home energy management, says a new report by Navigant. The market sputtered at first, but gained momentum in 2014, says Neil Struther, principal research analyst with Nagivant in this podcast. "It has gained momentum because Opower, Nest, Honeywell and others have seen a fairly competitive market … [Read more...]

Google and Microgrids: Most Read Articles on

Smart thermostats catch your attention, or at least Nest does. Microgrids interest you too. That's what we learned about you, readers, based on your visits to our site in the first six months of 2014 The most read article for the first half of this year was Google and Nest: What the $3.2 Billion Deal Says about Energy … [Read more...]

Google and Nest: Evolution not Revolution when You’ve Been at it for 30 Years

My grandfather used to bewilder me when he referred to our refrigerator as an ice box. I had no idea that he used the term because as a child he truly filled a box with ice to keep his food cold. Today’s remote energy management has its own equivalent to the ice box – the dial-up telephone modem. Remember those? Thirty or so years ago, we thought … [Read more...]

Google and Nest: What the $3.2 Billion Deal Says about Energy Efficiency Markets

A collective “wow” echoed throughout the energy efficiency industry this week when Google announced its purchase of thermostat maker Nest for a smashing $3.2 billion. It is the first marquee deal to emerge since tech ventures began grasping for the new prize in energy: the home efficiency market.  The game has been to figure out how to get enough … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Firms Lead Worldwide Clean Technology List

The new Global Cleantech 100 list of private companies breaking barriers with their clean technology ideas and executions across the worldwide economy finds that energy efficiency companies not only continue to dominate the list, but are growing in influence. For the past five years, the Cleantech Group has published an inventory of 100 companies … [Read more...]

You Are Cordially Invited to a Texas Demand Response Party. BYOT.

We’ve all been invited to BYOB parties, but how about bring-your-own-thermostat? That’s one way to describe an unusual demand response program Austin Energy is testing for homeowners. It’s what Austin Energy refers to as a “retail up” program, one where the utility does not install smart devices in the home, but finds and uses those that the … [Read more...]