New York City Turbocharges 'Carbon Challenge' in Big Environmental Push

NRDC's Donna DeCostanzo describes New York City's new carbon challenge program and assistance to help buildings become more energy efficient. Mayor de Blasio today (9/28/2015) announced a significant expansion of the successful New York City Carbon Challenge - one of a series of initiatives that are central to the city's One City: Built to Last … [Read more...]

Green Cities: It’s All in the DNA

We’ve made major strides in medicine by mapping the human genome. Now a Boston-based data analytics company has set out to do the same for our buildings. Like humans, buildings have a kind of DNA, markers that provide indicators about their energy health, such as age of construction or type of heating equipment. “Think of a giant decision tree. … [Read more...]

Mining for energy efficiency opportunity in NYC

By Elisa Wood September 13, 2012 If markets thrive on information, then New York City recently unlocked a gold mine for the energy efficiency industry. The city became the first in the US to make public how well (or poorly) large, private buildings within its borders perform when it comes to energy and water use. A city website displays … [Read more...]