Demand Response – An Effective Program To Reduce Costs And Help The Environment

Imagine getting paid, or otherwise compensated, for not using energy! It’s a reality these days, and it’s known as demand response. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission defines demand response as “actions voluntarily taken by a consumer to adjust the amount or timing of his energy consumption.” More utility companies offer demand response … [Read more...]

Milk, Bread and a Microgrid: What Savvy Whole Foods Has Figured Out Now

Whole Foods Market has earned its stripes as a trend spotter.  When the grocery store began its national expansion 30 years ago, skeptics doubted that enough consumers would pay a premium for organic food to make the supermarket chain a success. With $13 billion in annual sales last year, and now 388 stores, the food retailer has clearly proved … [Read more...]

NYSERDA Offers $2.2M for Behavioral Energy Efficiency Projects

New York is seeking  proposals for behavioral energy efficiency projects that have already been tested and are ready for scale. The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority wants to replicate previous pilots, but on a broader scale in New York. Programs must have already been validated at an experimental level to … [Read more...]

NYSERDA to Provide Funds for CHP Acceleration

CHP Acceleration, a program of the New York State Energy & Research Development Authority, is offering incentives for the installation of pre-qualified, pre-engineered combined heat and power systems. The CHP systems must meet several standards. For example, the technology must come from approved CHP system vendors, and must be for customers … [Read more...]

Demand Management Incentives Offered for Greater New York City

Demand management incentives are now available for buildings in New York City and Weschester County through the New York State Energy & Research Development Authority and Consolidated Edison. Projects must be completed prior to June 1, 2016. The Demand Management Program provides increased amounts of funding (while available) as well as … [Read more...]

Working in New York? See Consolidated Edison’s New $200 Million Incentive Plan

Consolidated Edison plans to offer $161 million to spur 100 MW of energy efficiency and demand response in greater New York City, according to a recent filing by the utility with New York regulators. The utility, one of the nation’s largest, also intends to make $40 million available for 25 MW of new combined heat and power. The incentives are in … [Read more...]

New Microgrid Opportunity: Watch New York

For those building microgrids, here is a proceeding to watch. Consolidated Edison, one of the nation’s oldest and largest utilities, has agreed to undertake a microgrid pilot project in a recent deal struck with several parties. The details are likely to come out sometime later this year. The timing is contingent on release of a separate … [Read more...]

New York: Finding a Win-Win for Solar and Energy Efficiency?

New York may start giving new support to building owners that intertwine solar with energy efficiency, demand response or energy storage. The New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) recently proposed the idea as part of a broader overhaul of the state’s renewable portfolio standard. The state wants to help the solar … [Read more...]