New National Research Council Study Delivers Roadmap to Put Electric Cars into Fast Lane

NRDC's Roland Hwang explains what it will take to get consumers to accept electric cars more readily, and the work by a national council to get us there. Our country faces the important challenges of overcoming our oil dependency and cutting carbon pollution. Fortunately, as confirmed by a new National Research Council (of the National Academies … [Read more...]

Atlanta Becomes First City in Southeast to Pass a Benchmarking and Audit Policy for Large Commercial Buildings

Atlanta has joined 11 U.S. cities with building benchmarking rules, a strategy to reduce the $400 billion that buildings spend on energy annually.  Here are details from Kimi Narita of the City Energy Project. Earth Day came early in Atlanta. The city council has unanimously passed a comprehensive energy and water efficiency policy that will … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Progress in New England the Pacific Northwest: A Tale of Two Regions

NRDC's Ralph Cavanagh looks at the roots of the energy efficiency successes in New England and the Pacific Northwest. New England and the Pacific Northwest are separated by a continent, but they have a shared history of energy efficiency leadership that stretches back over some three decades, and two recent independent assessments show that their … [Read more...]

New York's Energy Revolution Will Mean More Clean and Renewable Power Projects in Low- to Moderate-Income Neighborhoods

NRDC's Raya Salter discusses how New York's Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) can help overcome economic energy insecurity -- the inability to adequately meet basic household heating, cooling, and energy needs. New York State is revolutionizing its electric system -- a move NRDC has praised as positive and precedent-setting. The initiative, called … [Read more...]

Yes, Power Plant Owners Can Reduce Emissions with Energy Efficiency. Here's How.

How can power plant owners reduce emissions with energy efficiency? Think of energy efficiency as a product to buy and sell, explains NRDC's Dylan Sullivan. When the EPA proposed carbon pollution targets for fossil fuel-fired power plants under the Clean Power Plan last summer, the agency recognized that energy efficiency is a powerful tool for … [Read more...]

EmPOWER Energy Efficiency Policy: Delivering Big Returns to Maryland

NRDC's Deron Lovaas describes the importance of Maryland's EmPOWER energy efficiency program, especially for low-income households. Boosting energy efficiency of homes in Maryland is a bread-and-butter issue. Paying too much for electricity and gas at a time when household budgets are still pinched from the great recession can mean having less to … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Lending: Why Fannie Mae Deserves Praise

Philip Henderson, of the Natural Resources Defense Council, details Fannie Mae's innovation in energy efficiency lending for apartment buildings. Some people might be surprised to learn that Fannie Mae -- a company that purchases mortgage loans and sells mortgage-backed securities -- is an innovator in energy efficiency. Its new policy to offer a … [Read more...]

Podcast: Clean Energy Opportunities Abound In India

With Obama's recent visit to India, and the country's big focus on boosting solar development, what are the opportunities for clean energy developers--including those involved in energy efficiency and microgrids? Anjali Jaiswal, director of NRDC's India Initiative, discusses the opportunities and barriers in India and explains why India is a … [Read more...]

Obama Visit Could Help Boost India’s Microgrid Market

While the grid-connected market for clean energy in India is growing in leaps and bounds right now, the microgrid market is also advancing -- thanks in part to President Obama's recent visit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. That's the word from Anjali Jaiswal, director of NRDC's India Initiative. The main driver for India's microgrid market … [Read more...]

Invisible Energy: Energy Efficiency is Helping the Economy (See EIA Update*)

NRDC's David Goldstein explains why invisible energy, or energy efficiency, deserves some of the credit for the improving economy and low oil prices. This week Paul Krugman writes: "Suddenly, or so it seems, the U.S. economy is looking better... at this point the signs of improvement -- job gains, rapidly growing G.D.P., rising public confidence … [Read more...]