Should New York Be Wary of Utility Monopolies in Distributed Energy?

Should New York let utilities both manage and compete in the distributed energy market  the state is planning? That's one of the big questions the industry is debating in New York's “Reforming the Energy Vision,” or REV. The Department of Public Service last week confirmed its intent to let utilities act as the distributed grid operator in a … [Read more...]

NRG & GMP Strike Deal to Remake the Vermont Grid

NRG Energy and Green Mountain Power have teamed up to remake the Vermont grid with microgrids, distributed energy, and products to help consumers manage energy. The companies intend to replace a “creaky old grid infrastructure from the 20th century” with a “21st century energy eco-system,” according to  David Crane, president and CEO of energy … [Read more...]

New York Grapples with Utility Monopoly Role in ‘REV’ Distributed Energy Market

Several energy players in New York are questioning the wisdom of letting utilities both manage and compete in a first-of-its-kind distributed energy market the state is planning. The Department of Public Service last week confirmed its intent to let utilities act as the distributed grid operator in a  straw proposal for the market design of … [Read more...]

NRG Energy Aims Big by Going Small with Personal Power

Personal power – clothes, backpacks, hand held cubes that generate solar electricity –  has moved out of ‘someday’ into ‘now,’ driven largely by the need for cell phone charging. So it’s no surprise to see NRG Energy's move into the market. The energy giant known for its ownership of the big stuff – 52 GW of grid power – has reached an agreement … [Read more...]

Maryland County Extends Deadline for Microgrid Bids Due to Strong Response

Montgomery County, Maryland, has changed its deadline for microgrid bids to July 9 because of the large number of organizations that have expressed interest in participating. Proposals were originally due June 30. The county, which borders Washington, D.C., is seeking public/private partnerships for microgrid projects that can island from the … [Read more...]

NRG Energy key sponsor at CSP Today USA 2014

Energy giant NRG Energy, a leader in both distributed energy and utility-scale clean energy, will be exclusive sponsor at CSP Today USA 2014, which will be held  June 5-6 in Las Vegas. NRG Energy who partly own and operate the 392 MW Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System will be giving a presentation at CSP Today USA 2014 about running the … [Read more...]

Business Suicide or Business Genius? Why NRG Energy Wants its Customers to Buy Less of its Product

NRG Energy is the largest power generation company in the United States. It makes its money – obviously – selling energy. So what’s its subsidiary, Reliant Energy, doing pushing the ThinkEco modlet, a product all about cutting back on energy use? Welcome to the new world of energy, where power companies are embracing those technologies that could … [Read more...]