Where do the presidential candidates stand on energy efficiency?

By Elisa Wood August 15, 2012 We know that what a political candidate says during a campaign often differs from what the eventual office-holder does. We also know that candidates choose their words carefully to give themselves wiggle room for modifications in course. So we listen for innuendo and subtleties when candidates talk about our … [Read more...]

Obama’s budget good for energy efficiency

By Elisa Wood February 16, 2012 President Obama's 2013 budget caused a lot of smiles this week among energy efficiency advocates – even if it is more of a wish list than anything else. Obama calls for about $1.2 billion in spending for energy efficiency. What’s this mean to the energy efficiency industry? Kateri Callahan, president of the … [Read more...]

Why President Obama’s better buildings initiative doesn’t work for multifamily

Guest blog By Michael Miller You might think by this headline that I’m about to rant about the news regarding energy efficiency policy that was circulating last week. President Obama outlined a plan called the Better Buildings Initiative to incentivize energy efficiency in commercial buildings during his visit to Penn State. Actually, I want to … [Read more...]

Obama, better buildings and the innovators

By Elisa Wood February 9, 2011 When Obama unveiled his “Better Building Initiative” last week, it wasn’t just the usual architects, builders, and energy efficiency service companies that perked up with interest. A whole new segment of energy efficiency companies saw opportunity: the innovators. Emissaries from the high tech world, the innovators … [Read more...]

Obama, energy efficiency & accountability

By Elisa Wood January 28, 2010 Not once, but twice President Obama mentioned the importance of energy efficiency in his state of the union address January 27. His support for the resource is no surprise; his administration has channeled $20 billion toward energy savings programs. Obama made clear that going into his second year his support will … [Read more...]

Obama, poker and what 2010 holds for energy efficiency

By Elisa Wood December 10, 2009 Jon Stewart said it best: Obama is a lousy poker payer. Lucky thing, too, for the energy efficiency industry as it heads into 2010. Stewart’s December 8 “The Daily Show” aired a clip of Obama recently telling business leaders:  “I don't want to tip our hand too much, but one of the things I would be surprised if … [Read more...]

What does the US/China agreement mean for efficiency?

By Elisa Wood November 19, 2009 The energy efficiency market has a gawky quality. It is not exactly one market but a conglomeration of various industries as diverse as appliance manufacturers, energy auditors, smart meter software designers and cogeneration developers. They are unified only in their ability to save energy. All arms and legs as … [Read more...]

Who gets the EE stimulus money?

By Elisa Wood February 19, 2009 The ink is dry on President Obama’s signature to the federal stimulus bill and word is out that energy efficiency receives more than $20 billion. How will homeowners and businesses benefit? Two sources offer an excellent break-down on the incentives: the Alliance to Save Energy and the Office of Energy Efficiency … [Read more...]

Federal stimulus: Pork or real energy policy?

By Elisa Wood February 5, 2009 Two recent gestures by President Obama indicate that he is serious about clean energy and will pursue it differently than any of his predecessors. First, he made history in using his inaugural speech to promote renewable energy – something never done before by a US President, according to Department of Energy’s EERE … [Read more...]

Will support for efficiency hold in 2009?

By Elisa Wood December 18, 2008 The stars are aligned to make 2009 a good year for energy efficiency -- or at least, most of the stars. President-Elect Barack Obama has assembled an energy team that supports clean technologies. Most notably, Obama named Steven Chu as energy secretary on December 15. Chu is a Nobel Prize winner and director of the … [Read more...]