On-Bill Financing Report Shows Strong Performance

On-bill financing can be a powerful tool for offering attractive energy efficiency options to a broad range of utility customers, according to a new report by State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network (SEE Action). Utility customers often fail to invest in energy efficiency because of its upfront costs, the report said. On-bill financing … [Read more...]

States Forge ahead with On-Bill Repayment for Clean Energy

  Many new developments have taken place in the area of on-bill repayment (OBR) since the Clean Energy Finance Center published an article last year about these programs. Several states are setting up groundbreaking programs that may influence models for OBR in the future. OBR is an important mechanism to bring private capital into the … [Read more...]

On-bill Repayment: Great Promise, But Challenges Remain

By Kat Friedrich Guest Blogger, Energy Efficiency Markets July 11, 2012 On-bill repayment has received a great deal of attention during the last few years as a potential approach to expanding the reach of energy efficiency financing in the residential and commercial sectors.  With on-bill repayment, utilities or third-party lenders cover the … [Read more...]

On-bill financing: Why isn’t everybody doing it?

By Elisa Wood December 15, 2011 If someone told me they could improve the efficiency of my computer so that it operates quicker, at no extra cost to me, I can’t imagine I’d turn them away. Yet, the energy efficiency industry offers a similar option for homes and businesses and at least so far, consumers aren’t flocking to the programs. On-bill … [Read more...]

Making efficiency easy with on-bill financing

By Elisa Wood April 9, 2009 Even if hostile governments corner all of the oil, the polar caps melt, and Oprah, herself, says, “It is time to save energy!” consumers will not pursue efficiency in a big way unless it is easy and painless. That is why a growing number of state regulators are taking a close look at a concept known as on-bill … [Read more...]