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Ontario Power Authority Seeks Combined Heat and Power; Plans for More Energy Storage

Ontario has issued a solicitation for up to 100 MW of combined heat and power projects, and is accepting applications beginning November 3 and running through December 19. The Ontario Power Authority  will allot contracts for up to 75 MW of CHP for the agricultural industry and 25 MW for district energy projects. It seeks the projects under what … [Read more...]

Ontario Seeks CHP; Readies for Energy Storage RFP

The Ontario Power Authority is accepting applications for up to 100 MW of combined heat and power projects, beginning November 3 and running through December 19. Ontario seeks CHP under what is known as its Combined Heat and Power Standard Offer Program 2.0, CHPSOP 2.0.  It will allot contracts for up to 75 MW of CHP for the agricultural industry … [Read more...]

Ontario Presses Ahead with RFPs, CHP, Storage, Microgrid…

Ontario is pressing ahead with new utility requirements, solicitations and pilot projects to spur energy efficiency, combined heat and power, microgrids, energy storage and other demand-side efforts. The Ministry of Energy has put in place a new “Conservation First Framework” to save 7,000,000 MWh from Jan. 2015 through the end of Jan. 2020.  It … [Read more...]

Ontario’s Industrial Accelerator Program

Ontario Power Authority's Industrial Accelerator program helps large companies fast track capital investment in major energy efficiency and generation projects. The program offers incentives that significantly reduce up-front investments for grid-connected industrials. Proposals are due over the next year of the program. More on this energy … [Read more...]

Looking for Smart Grid Funding? Consider Ontario

Energy insiders have been talking up 'smart grid' for about a decade, but most regular people still don't recognize the term – unless they're from Ontario, that is. Smart grid awareness runs high in the Canadian province because almost every household and business there now has a smart meter – 4.7 million in total. And Ontario’s government isn’t … [Read more...]

Smart grid systems cut costs with flexibility

Lisa Cohn of interviews Ron Dizy, president of Embala Power Networks, about its $1.8 million award from the Ontario Ministry of Energy to use large energy users' electricity to provide flexibility in the grid and eventually integrate green resources.   Smart grid systems cut costs with flexibility  ] … [Read more...]

A new EE resource: Distributed people

By Elisa Wood November 6, 2008 Energy efficiency is often described as the invisible resource. It improves our energy supply without any of the usual industry trappings: smokestacks, wind turbines, transmission lines and poles. This is one of its virtues. But efficiency’s invisibility also causes problems. Because it operates out of sight – … [Read more...]