Discovering Energy Efficiency Innovation

When people think about energy efficiency innovation they often think of technology. LED lighting or the Nest thermostat come to mind. Technology innovation is cool. Who wouldn’t want to get bought by Google? And new gadgets are fun. But for energy efficiency, much of the most important innovation has nothing to do with developing new efficient … [Read more...]

Cambridge Heads toward Net Zero

Can a city of 105,000 people get to net zero carbon emissions?  Cambridge, Massachusetts is going to find out. Never a city to shirk a challenge, Cambridge is putting itself on a path to becoming a net zero community for carbon emissions from buildings. While breathtakingly ambitious to imagine, the goal of a net zero community is also … [Read more...]

Making Energy Efficiency Visible

Would you pay for something that you can’t see? Probably not. That’s a big problem when it comes to energy efficiency projects. Most of the time, energy efficiency is invisible, and sometimes it doesn’t feel quite real. But energy efficiency is real, and now circuit-level metering can prove it. Building meter data is great, but… When an efficiency … [Read more...]

Operational vs. Asset – Starting to Understand Building Energy Ratings

By Paul Gromer, CEO and Founder, Peregrine Energy Group Building energy rating systems seem to be proliferating, don’t they? National governments, local governments, even private organizations are getting in on the action. Each system is accompanied by informational colored graphs and numbers, earnest explanations, and always great fanfare. It’s … [Read more...]