Why it's Critical that PJM Load Forecasting Give Energy Efficiency Full Credit

Ken Kolkebeck and Austin Whitman of FirstFuel offer a way to ensure that PJM load forecasting takes energy efficiency fully into account. With back-to-school season upon us, it seems fitting that the topic of “partial credit” should be getting some press. This is no A-minus-versus-A debate, however: in the mid-Atlantic states that make up the PJM … [Read more...]

Joule Assets Part 2: How to Achieve the Real Potential of Microgrid

Two topics keep cropping up in our conversations with energy efficiency insiders: 1) Joule Assets' new investment fund 2) Microgrid. So we recently brought the two together by asking Joule Assets CEO Mike Gordon about the investment potential for microgrid. Joule Assets made headlines in January with the launch of its $100 million Energy … [Read more...]