Mr. Pickens, What About Plug-In Hybrids?

By Elisa Wood July 17, 2008 T. Boone Pickens deserves kudos for his attention-grabbing television campaign aimed at helping America kick the oil habit. The billionaire energy fund manager can stop the most dedicated channel surfer mid-click when he proclaims that our spending on foreign oil could soon become the largest transfer of wealth in human … [Read more...]

How Long Will Efficiency Be the Favored Choice?

By Elisa Wood June 26, 2008 Energy efficiency creates an odd sort of market. Nothing (lack of energy use) competes for customers against something (energy generation). There is no free lunch and even nothing, energy efficiency, costs something. But for now it is cheaper than its main competitor, the power plant. In fact, it is often three times … [Read more...]

Negawatts Beat Megawatts in New England

By Lisa Cohn Energy efficiency advocates have argued for years that a negawatt is cheaper than a megawatt. That is, it is less costly to install energy efficiency equipment and reduce consumption than to build new power plants. In New England, the premise was recently tested, and the results should hearten anyone in the efficiency business. ISO … [Read more...]