Hawaii's Innovative EE Financing Should Serve As US Model

An innovative green finance program from the state of Hawaii should become a national model, says Cisco DeVries, CEO of Renewable Funding, which was recently awarded a contract to develop and manage the program. Listen to this podcast to learn about the program and its many benefits in Hawaii, where electricity prices are the highest in the nation. … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Finance Gains Traction

The question of whether energy efficiency finance has finally arrived in scale was a major point of discussion at the 2014 ACEEE Energy Efficiency Finance Forum on May 11-13 in Washington, DC.  Both the opening plenary and a breakout session on securitization explored this issue. It appears that the energy efficiency finance industry is now … [Read more...]

Fast, Efficient, Low-Cost Energy Efficiency Loans: A Revolution?

Inexpensive home energy efficiency loans could be just the revolution we need to significantly boost energy efficiency and reap benefits for homeowners, utilities and the environment. And a new public-private partnership is paving the way. The Warehouse for Energy Efficiency Loans will provide fast, efficient, low-cost energy efficiency loans, … [Read more...]

Solar and Energy Efficiency Securitization Emerge

Organizations are beginning to securitize solar and energy efficiency loans to allow greater levels of investment. Securitization involves pooling loans to create consolidated securities that investors can purchase. Recently, SolarCity securitized $54.4 million in loans for solar photovoltaic installations. Also, the Green Jobs – Green New York … [Read more...]