Understanding & Controlling Energy Remotely with Opower Part 2

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters continues her interview with Ogi Kavazovic, Vice President of Strategy & Marketing for Opower, which works with utilities to help their customers save energy. The company has just released a new mobile app and has saved 2 TWH for customers. The company does all this with software.   Understanding & … [Read more...]

Energy heads home in 2011

By Elisa Wood December 15, 2010 I have three predictions for 2011. When it comes to energy policy, austerity will be in. Therefore, energy efficiency will become a favored choice among mayors, governors, state lawmakers and Congress, as government becomes increasingly edgy about the cost of renewable energy. The infamous leaky home will … [Read more...]

Using electricity to save the planet

By Elisa Wood July 9, 2009 When it comes to energy efficiency, it used to be the big guys that mattered. Policymakers and market leaders focused on manufacturers, refiners and others that gobbled up lots of kilowatt hours. It’s not surprising. Manufacturers create bang for the buck. Better motors, refrigeration or combined heat and power can … [Read more...]