How to Approach Microgrid Supply Quality and Reliability

Schneider Electric's Xavier Moreau explains how to ensure the highest levels of microgrid availability and stability. The paradox of microgrids is that they are often implemented to address concerns about heightened reliability and quality of energy supply, but their stability, when in island mode, is a very delicate balancing act. Indeed, … [Read more...]

Not Just Anyone Can Develop a Microgrid. Here’s Why

A misconception exists that it's easy to develop a microgrid because it is a relatively small, local source of energy. But a microgrid's size belies its complexity. Microgrids are not a plug-and-play technology; intead they are highly customized, built to suit the kind of client they serve, anything from a building to a campus to a … [Read more...]

The Keys to Managing Demand in a Microgrid

Schneider Electric's Xavier Moreau explains the importance of managing demand in a microgrid, and the role played by advanced distribution management systems. In a microgrid, a key to controlling its relationship with the main grid is managing demand, i.e, the loads. With respect to the relationship between generation and demand, a microgrid’s … [Read more...]

Schneider Electric Sees Shifts in the Microgrid Market  

Conference attendance reveals a lot about microgrid market trends. Just a few years ago federal agencies, municipalities and other big energy users dominated events. Utility attendance was scarce. But no more. Utilities have arrived. That is one of the big shifts that Schneider Electric identified in a recent executive interview with … [Read more...]

4 Technologies for More Sustainable, Reliable, Economical Energy

Imagine a world where green, renewable sources are supplying most or all of the energy needed for every purpose: lighting, heating, processes, and transportation. Imagine that energy consumers are able to proactively choose which energy source they want to consume. Imagine an electricity supply that is completely reliable. Imagine a typical … [Read more...]

Microgrid Helps Utility Integrate Renewable Resources into the Grid

A case study on how an innovative utility is leveraging microgrid technology to improve service and reliability. Oncor operates the largest regulated distribution and transmission system in Texas and the sixth largest in the United States. Today, more than 10 million customers across Texas depend on Oncor for power. The Challenge: Determined to … [Read more...]

Schneider Adds Solar to $9.5M College Energy Efficiency Project

Schneider Electric plans to install solar panels at Columbia Basin College, in the third phase of a college energy efficiency project that includes $9.5 mllion in improvements. Using a $765,188 grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce, Schneider Electric is installing 100-kW photovoltaic solar arrays on a college business building. … [Read more...]

Rumor is True. Oncor Unveils First-of-a-Kind Microgrid

Rumors have circulated for months that S&C Electric, Schneider Electric and Oncor had in the works a microgrid more sophisticated than any so far built in North America. Today the companies lifted the veil off the completed project near Lancaster, Texas. The new microgrid isn’t particularly large (1.25 MW), but oh what’s inside. Not one … [Read more...]

Energy Waste Worries American Businesses Now

It used to be pretty easy to predict America’s attitude about energy waste. The billboards everywhere that blare gasoline prices left us buoyed or dismayed about our energy prospects. And we consumed or conserved accordingly. But something has changed in the American psyche, particularly among businesses. Even though oil and natural gas prices are … [Read more...]

Microgrid Keeps Power Flowing at Remote Ski Resort

Bear Creek Mountain Resort and Conference Center is located on more than 330 acres in scenic Berks County, Pennsylvania. Its out-of-the-way beauty provides an idyllic destination for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, fishing, and boating. The remote setting that makes the resort so attractive also poses tremendous challenges for Bear Creek’s … [Read more...]