Demo of Oncor Microgrid at Smart Cities Week; Timing Good for those Exploring NY Prize  

Schneider Electric and S&C Electric made a big splash earlier this year with their work on a first-of-a-kind microgrid, developed for Oncor in Texas. The project is now hitting the road, so to speak, with a demo on display Sept. 15-17 at Smart Cities Week in Washington, D.C. The demo, which includes video displays and a direct live feed … [Read more...]

Navigant Sees Growth for Home Energy Management, Vehicle-to-grid, Smart Thermostats…

Home energy management is catching on. It’s not happening quickly, but it is happening. So says a new report by Navigant Research. The report  forecasts that today’s HEM market of 4 million homes will steadily expand to 87 million homes in 2022. The figures include both stand-alone and networked systems. Navigant’s Home Energy Management report … [Read more...]