Helping Consumers Understand Solar & EV

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters interviews Rainer Boelzle, co-founder of WattPeople, which helps consumers understand the costs and benefits of using solar and electric vehicles. He explains the challenges and how the company approaches them.   Helping Consumers Understand Solar & EV ] Follow our podcast feed or find it on itunes. … [Read more...]

How efficiency makes solar affordable

By Reid Smith October 27, 2010 When solar energy companies think about how to reduce the cost of their product, typically a lot of time and money goes toward increasing the efficiency of solar panels and their manufacturing process. Reducing the production cost decreases the final cost the consumer will have to pay. However, few solar … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency and PV: Together Forever

By Elisa Wood We have seen a marriage of the energy efficiency and solar energy industries as the US has worked to green its buildings. In fact, some financing programs require that all cost-effective efficiency be pursued before solar panels are installed. Here Elisa Wood interviews Liz Merry, owner of Verve Solar Consulting, about how the solar … [Read more...]

Lower energy prices: Now you see them, now you don’t

By Elisa Wood November 13, 2008 When combined with efficiency, solar homes can achieve ‘net zero’ – they consume no more energy than they produce. It is likely we will see a growing number of net zero homes built as more states reach what is called ‘grid parity’ – the cost of solar energy becomes no higher than the power we buy from our utility. … [Read more...]