Microgrid Startups Eligible for $25,000 NYC Urban Future Lab Prize

New York City’s Urban Future Lab is offering a $25,000 prize for a microgrid startup project or other smart grid solution to a city energy problem. Applications are due August 14. Winners will have chance to pitch their solutions to a jury of investors, market partners, and successful entrepreneurs. The competition also will offer a second … [Read more...]

Smart Phone Control for Up to 20 Percent Peak Demand Reduction

Energy efficiency is increasing the use of web-connected devices such as smart phones that consumers use  to control appliances and lights in the home. But does this translate to higher electricity savings than what's saved through the devices? Unlikely, says Jun Shimada,  CEO and founder, ThinkEco, which helps utilities reduce peak demand. In … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency MicroNews: ThinkEco and Friedrich, AutoGrid, Global Energy Efficiency Holdings, Metrus Energy, EaglePicher Technologies, WattJoule, Comverge

This week in energy efficiency news… ThinkEco and Friedrich have partnered to help utilities bring new customers into demand-side management programs. Beginning in summer 2014, utilities will be able to use ThinkEco’s platform and turnkey demand response services to incorporate connected Friedrich Kühlair conditioners directly into DR programs.  … [Read more...]

Google and Nest: What the $3.2 Billion Deal Says about Energy Efficiency Markets

A collective “wow” echoed throughout the energy efficiency industry this week when Google announced its purchase of thermostat maker Nest for a smashing $3.2 billion. It is the first marquee deal to emerge since tech ventures began grasping for the new prize in energy: the home efficiency market.  The game has been to figure out how to get enough … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency MicroNews: New Motor Efficiency Standards, DOE Money, ThinkEco, EnerNOC, Philips, Desso and More

The US Department of Energy proposed new motor efficiency standards just in time for Thanksgiving.  This is something to feast on, says Andrew deLaski of the Appliance Standards Awareness Project in his blog.  Power motors are responsible for about half of the electricity used by U.S. industry. The proposed standards are expected to save … [Read more...]

Business Suicide or Business Genius? Why NRG Energy Wants its Customers to Buy Less of its Product

NRG Energy is the largest power generation company in the United States. It makes its money – obviously – selling energy. So what’s its subsidiary, Reliant Energy, doing pushing the ThinkEco modlet, a product all about cutting back on energy use? Welcome to the new world of energy, where power companies are embracing those technologies that could … [Read more...]

A new twist in the energy efficiency story

By Elisa Wood August 22, 2012 Blend a little new energy tech with a pinch of behavioral psychology and you’re bound to get something unexpected. Consider what happened when New York City-based ThinkEco recently lead a four-month energy challenge for international industrial packaging company Greif. The goal, of course, was to save energy. … [Read more...]