EE Recycles Money That Would Be Wasted

Lisa Cohn of interviews Don Gilligan, president of the National Association of Energy Service Companies, about the recent White House announcement to use energy savings performance contracts in federal facilities. He likens such project s to recycling money that would otherwise be wasted. EE Recycles Money That Would Be … [Read more...]

Why Utility Cost-Effectiveness Tests Undermine EE

Lisa Cohn of interviews Kara Saul-Rinaldi, executive director, National Home Performance Council about why certain utility cost-effectiveness tests are more accurate – and why certain tests undermine the implementation of EE programs. Why Utility Cost-Effectiveness Tests Undermine EE] … [Read more...]

Energy efficiency and calling in the dogs

By Elisa Wood January 26, 2011 My dogs came in immediately when I called them tonight. The cookies I’ve recently begun serving up upon their return seem be making an impression.  At last they see a reason to leave behind all the fun things to chase in the woods. Yes, I’ve been slow to understand – or at least enact – the basic principle of … [Read more...]