No Question: Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver Huge Benefits

You may have heard the negative hype surrounding a new working paper on energy efficiency investments for low-income residents. It's a mistake to generalize from the Michigan study. NRDC's Merrian Borgeson explains why. Decades of experience and verification prove energy efficiency programs deliver huge benefits to consumers and the environment - … [Read more...]

Rising Market: Maine’s Energy Efficiency Spending Doubles Part I

“Open for business,” says Maine’s government website. But it could say “Open for energy efficiency business," following a recent doubling of money available for core efficiency programs. State lawmakers increased funding for electric efficiency to about $21 million in an omnibus energy bill (LD 1559) that became law in late June. The change comes … [Read more...]

The Advantages of On-Bill EE Financing

Lisa Cohn of interviews Catherine Bell, senior economic analyst at ACEEE and author of a new report from ACEEE about financing EE using a number of methods, and having these financing costs included in utility bills. She describes growth in on-bill financing, advantages, and ACEEE's recommendations for boosting the use of … [Read more...]

Weatherization works: Recent reports are way off base

By Guest Blogger Stephen L. Cowell November 10, 2011 A recent article in Newsweek, “Obama’s Big Green Mess,” describes what can happen when contractors are “unfamiliar with the nuances of specialized weatherization work.”  The fact is, installing furnaces that exhaust poisonous fumes, putting in water heaters that can explode and blowing toxic … [Read more...]

Obama, better buildings and the innovators

By Elisa Wood February 9, 2011 When Obama unveiled his “Better Building Initiative” last week, it wasn’t just the usual architects, builders, and energy efficiency service companies that perked up with interest. A whole new segment of energy efficiency companies saw opportunity: the innovators. Emissaries from the high tech world, the innovators … [Read more...]