Will society unplug?

By Elisa Wood May 21, 2009 As a society, we’re accused of being too plugged-in, too reliant on our computers, televisions, and charged-up cell phones. Turns out, we are willing to unplug. A study by SmartPower (http://www.smartpower.org/) found that unplugging unused appliances, those sucking up vampire energy, is an energy savings act people … [Read more...]

Profile of a White Tag Project

By Lisa Cohn September 18, 2008 Few topics we write about here draw as much attention as energy efficiency certificates. After we mention the certificates, we inevitably receive inquiries from data centers or other large energy users, who want more information. The certificates also are called “white tags,” a term trademarked by marketer Sterling … [Read more...]

How to Find “White Tag” Markets

By Elisa Wood Doing business in the US can be a crazy venture if you’re an international company trying to make inroads. Europeans often say it’s like learning the rules of 50 different countries. This is because important energy policy decisions are often made by state governments. It looks like the emerging “white tag” market for energy … [Read more...]