Supreme Court Hands Demand Response a Big Legal Win in Market Battle with Generators

The U.S. Supreme Court handed demand response a big legal win today in a landmark battle over making energy savings as valuable in wholesale markets as energy production. The high court decision removed a lower court ruling that had threatened to stymie use of demand response, a mechanism where energy users are paid to reduce consumption when the … [Read more...]

Energy Storage Financing Takes Off…Energy Efficiency Geekdom…Latest Creation by Circular Economy Guru

Solar growth took off in a big way when the industry began offering no money down financing. Now the same appears to be happening in energy storage financing. Green Charge Networks offers its customers what it describes as the industry’s first no-cost, performance-based financing model, the Power Efficiency Agreement. The company expects the model … [Read more...]

Utility Sees 65% Increase in Reliability with Smart Grid in Chattanooga

Two hundred million dollars may seem a lot of money to spend on a smart grid, but for EPB, a utility in Chattanooga, the investment was well worth it, said David Wade, COO of EPB. The company -- one of the largest publicly owned electric distributors in the country, with 170,000 customers -- has seen a 65 percent increase in reliability as the … [Read more...]

Why Ontario is Adopting Behavioral Energy Efficiency

Opower will deliver Ontario’s first behavioral energy efficiency program under the Minister of Energy’s Conservation First Framework. The framework calls for Ontario to invest in energy efficiency, when it’s cost-effective, before pursuing new generation. Behavioral energy efficiency takes into account human psychology to encourage energy … [Read more...]

Revenue for Networked Lighting Controls to Total $38.2B from 2015 to 2024

More and more building owners are installing networked lighting controls as prices of the systems fall, driving growth in revenue for the controls from $2.2 billion in 2015 to $4.8 billion in 2024, according to a new report by Navigant Research. “Intelligent Lighting Controls for Commercial Buildings” pegs total revenue for the commercial market … [Read more...]

Who are the Ubers of Energy & How do They Create Energy Brands?

Why are Duke Energy and other utilities so good at being the “Ubers of energy” and creating appealing energy brands while other energy companies are struggling to establish clear and attractive brands? In this podcast (click on the player above to listen), Fridrik Larsen, CEO of Larsen Energy Branding--likely the first CEO in the world to get a … [Read more...]

Is the US on the Verge of an Outbreak of Pro-Energy Efficiency Legislation?

Details about recent pro-energy efficiency legislation and other quick energy efficiency news for this week... You probably heard that the U.S. Congress extended tax credits for solar energy last week. But did you know energy efficiency was a winner too? As part of an omnibus budget appropriations and tax extenders bill, Congress approved the … [Read more...]

Appliance Standards Change the World in 2015 – Quietly  

Appliance standards don’t get the same attention as international climate talks in Paris or renewed U.S. solar tax credits. Yet they have a profound impact on the environment and energy economy -- especially the historic standards announced last week by the U.S. government. The Department of Energy (DOE) issued new standards for rooftop air … [Read more...]

Survey: Many Building Owners Confused About Energy Management Options

A recent survey by Mach Energy found that building owners think they need building management systems before they can implement energy management measures, says Mach Energy president Jon Moeller in this podcast (click on the player above to listen). Responding to the survey from Mach Energy were about 800 building professionals-- responsible with … [Read more...]

The Motivations of Consumers Who Use or Avoid Smart Grid Applications

In this podcast (see player above), Patty Durand, executive director of the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, shares the results of a study that categorizes consumers in terms of how they use--or avoid--smart grid applications. The most recent version of the study includes in-depth, on-camera interviews with consumers. With the on-camera … [Read more...]