Why Microgrids Need Standards and Who’s Providing Them

No standards exist for microgrids that address reliability, connection to the grid, efficiency and other issues, says Michael Overturf, CEO of ZF Energy Development. His firm has partnered with the Perfect Power Institute to provide LEED-like standards for these facilities, located in campuses, medical facilities, industrial plants and other areas. … [Read more...]

‘Lean Energy’ Gains New Identity and Cuts Costs 18 to 20% Part 1

Lean Energy Gains a New Identity Lean energy is an old term that has been re-invented, says Michael Overturf, CEO of ZF Energy Development. How does the new lean energy cut costs for industrial energy users by 18 to 20%? He explains how industrial users can use equipment and systems that allow them to change fuels quickly and take advantage of … [Read more...]