Think Microgrid

Think Microgrid Overview

We are at a juncture in history that positions clean energy for unprecedented government support as climate and infrastructure programs take center stage in the U.S. However, the microgrid industry comes to this historic opportunity with no clear, unified voice to make its case, putting it at a disadvantage as more traditional, centralized grid technologies, with large advocacy operations, vie for resources.  If the microgrid industry does not have a strong, singular voice on its behalf, it risks being lost in the clamor.

To ensure microgrids a seat at the table, the industry is forming Think Microgrid, a collaborative advocacy and regulatory initiative backed by the founders of Microgrid Knowledge, leading energy companies and staffed with deeply experienced and respected leaders.

What will Think Microgrid do?

Think Microgrid will leverage the diversity of its membership to represent the microgrid industry in critical policy, legislative and regulatory discussions that are taking place in Washington, D.C. and at the state level across the country. In this way, Think Microgrid will:

Why is Think Microgrid needed?

The microgrid industry is at an inflection point. Proven technologies are being deployed in response to critical needs, such as resiliency and reliability in the face of wildfires. Most states, however, have not determined how microgrids will be incorporated into the physical grid and the market design. With a new administration in Washington and a dynamic policy environment (including FERC 2222), there is a pressing opportunity to pool resources, create educational tools and launch unified messaging.

Proactive rather than simply reactive, Think Microgrid will do more than address specific projects, utility proposals or critical situations. The organization will strive to cultivate new policy opportunities by engaging with government change-makers even before they begin to consider action on microgrids.

How will Think Microgrid operate?

An executive committee, capped at 10 voting members, will serve as the primary leadership and decision-making body for Think Microgrid. Cameron Brooks, (President, Tolerable Planet and E9 insight), will serve as executive director. Senior advisors include: Kevin Normandeau (Publisher, Microgrid Knowledge), Elisa Wood (Editor-in-Chief, Microgrid Knowledge), Matt Roberts (former Executive Director, Energy Storage Association), Jonathan Schrag (Principal, Taconic Advisory Services) and Tanya Burns (Principal Consultant, Arara Blue Energy).

Revenues to support activities and management will come from membership fees and be used to support the management of the initiative and the specific activities and priorities confirmed by the 10-member executive committee.

What services will Think Microgrid provide?

In addition to public affairs advocacy and education, Think Microgrid will provide:

When will Think Microgrid launch?

The organization is scheduled to launch in June 2021.

How can my company become a member?

Think Microgrid will be founded as a multi-client project with a limit of 10 founding members on the executive committee. Become a member now and join us on stage for our announcement at Microgrid 2021 on June 3, 2021.

Contact Cameron Brooks at or (303) 957-7667.