Community Microgrids of Canada

community microgrids

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Looking forward, this group plans to advance several initiatives focused on accelerating smart microgrid systems in Canada and globally – focused on sharing best practices and enhancing collaboration between industry, communities, academia, and utilities.

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The Advanced Energy Centre, Carleton Sustainable Energy Research Centre (CSERC), and New Energy Community Inc. convened a seminar and workshop on November 2nd, tasked with examining frameworks for advancing technology, business value, and public policy for clean energy microgrids. The event featured industry and utility leaders, multidis- ciplinary researchers, and community representatives coming together to discuss factors affecting deployment of smart microgrids into Ontario’s energy system and beyond, and strategize for future academic research.

Building on the conversation sparked on June 2nd at [Micro] grids Today at the MaRS Discovery District, this event sought to build linkages between expert researchers, and the industry and utility leaders planning for deployment of community microgrids in Canadian and global energy networks. This report presents a summary of the workshop discussion and findings, and aims to develop a roadmap for research and deeper collaboration on smart community microgrids. Attendees explored the economic, public policy, and technical factors affecting deployment, and the implications for both communities and utility companies.

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