Microgrid Policy Guide

Microgrid Development

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Microgrids have been around for decades; in fact, configurations that look much like microgrids go back to Thomas Edison’s time. But for most of their history, microgrids operated as a niche technology, workable and financially feasible mostly on college campuses or in remote locations. Now, the technology has radically ‘changed its stars,’ so to speak. Microgrids are poised to become an integral part of North America’s energy transformation.

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North America is positioning for a new and significant round of microgrid development. But will we frame the rules of the game correctly to capture the full benefit of microgrids. We look at why microgrids are growing in popularity, their economics, the regulatory landscape, state activity, industry. And finally we profile successful microgrid development projects. This guide also serves energy users, campuses and others who are contemplating microgrid installations-or already participate in a microgrid – and want to understand how policy can enhance microgrid capabilities. What might upcoming decisions mean to these colleges and universities, data centers, municipalities, pharmaceutical companies, research facilities, business parks, manufacturers, military installations, residential communities, and other large energy users.

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