Can LED Lights Be Used for All Applications Now?

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LED light

LED Light From Cree, 60 Watt

With California’s strict new guidelines for LED lighting, manufacturers are working to come up with lights that provide both energy savings and lighting quality. As they work to improve their technologies, we’re seeing LED lights that can be used for many, if not all, applications.

That’s the word from Mike Watson, vice president of corporate marketing for the manufacturer Cree. The company has released the first bulb to exceed the California Energy Commission’s new guidelines for this type of lighting.

The new Cree bulb achieves a color rendering index (CRI) of 93, making the TW Series Bulb the first to be eligible for utility rebates in California in 2014. SMUD has already confirmed it will provide a rebate for the new Cree TW Series LED Bulb.

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  1. To promote expensive Cree type “warm” fixed color temp LED clones of simple bright cheap incandescents is about as dumb as it gets.
    All bulbs have advantages, LEDs mainly as sheets (OLEDs, Fluorescents
    as long tubes, incandescents of course as bulbs.
    Fed Gov in official info says manufacturers requested the legislation.
    Sure they did, on unprofitable generic patent expired old bulbs –
    that local/small startups could easily make and compete with (EU factsheet acknowledged thousands of local job losses)
    Conversely: If new LEDs become”great and cheap” – again, why ban incandescents then,
    as most will presumably want to buy LEDs
    Energy /enviro savings?
    Hardly, on lighting mainly used off-peak after 7pm anyway and on US/EU
    grid usage data, referenced
    Freedomlightbulb org
    Besides,the usual argumentation ignores how complex LEDs (and CFLs use up much more energy in rare mineral mining, in component manufacture, assembly and transport
    usually from China on bunker oil powered ships, also remember the energy of recycling
    processes, when not dumped.
    Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness is more complex than ban pushers like to acknowledge!

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