Ontario Issues 100 MW Demand Response Solicitation for Pilot Project

Ontario has issued a 100-MW demand response solicitation for a pilot project that that will be operated by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). The pilot project will attempt to uncover benefits of demand response beyond those already known. The program specifically will try to show how demand response can provide services now … [Read more...]

Building Efficiency Now Biggest Business in Advanced Energy

If there were any doubt that advanced energy has become big business -- particularly building efficiency -- a report out today puts it to rest. With $199.5 billion in annual revenue, the advanced energy industry is now bigger than the airline industry, equal to pharmaceuticals, and nearly equal to consumer electronics in the United States, says … [Read more...]

Hello Local Energy, Bye Old Power Industry, Say New York Regulators with Key Vote

New York, where the power industry began over a century ago, might be where it ends too. At least the power industry as we know it today. The state’s electric regulators made that clear February 26 when they took a key vote creating an electricity marketplace that elevates new, local energy over big central power plants and long transmission … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency News-in-Brief: New Contracts for Constellation and Ameresco…Support for FERC Order 745 Appeal

Constellation has won a $45 million contract to provide energy efficiency, water conservation and solar photovoltaics at the Federal Correctional Complex in Coleman, Fla. The energy savings performance contract, signed with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, guarantees savings of about $79 million over 19 years. The bureau will use the savings to fund … [Read more...]

Major Players Work to Boost Investor Confidence in Energy Efficiency

Several leading companies have signed on to boost investor confidence in energy efficiency through the Investor Confidence Project. Their participation is expected to ultimately increase investments in efficiency. The Environmental Defense Fund's Investor Confidence Project assembles existing standards and practices into a consistent process. The … [Read more...]

Utilities Could Lose $48B Annually from Grid Flight and Energy Efficiency

Concern has heightened among utility executives about grid flight and energy efficiency, and new research indicates they have good reason to worry. Accenture is reporting today that energy efficiency and local energy could drive down utility revenue by as much as $48 billion a year in the United States and €61 billion a year in Europe by 2025. … [Read more...]

Hybrid-Electric Buildings Create Demand Response without the Sting

A California start-up is taking the sting out of demand response with what it is calling 'hybrid-electric buildings', an approach that relies on advanced batteries, software and pools of buildings. Advanced Microgrid Solutions, which recently won a contract to supply 50-MW of demand response to Southern California Edison, takes the old concept of … [Read more...]

Consumer Energy Behavior: Watch out Utilities, Your Customer is Changing

What is the most disruptive force utilities face? No not solar, or energy efficiency or competitive energy supply. It's you and me, the consumer. We want to take control over our energy use, and we're getting more comfortable with the technology that lets us do that. At least that's what focus groups indicated in a qualitative study on consumer … [Read more...]

Behavioral Demand Response: How to Really Get Homeowners to Save Energy on the Coldest (and Hottest) Days

How can utilities really get homeowners to save energy during periods of peak demand? A new study on behavioral demand response offers some surprising findings. The program cost less than traditional demand response, and yet yielded more savings – up to five percent peak reduction. Opower's Kevin Hamilton explains why in this podcast with energy … [Read more...]

Southern California Edison Shows Love to Energy Efficiency & Storage to Replace Nuke and Gas Plants 

Southern California Edison has selected more than 500-MW of clean energy and storage to help replace the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and retiring natural gas plants. In all, the utility chose 69 clean energy projects, what California calls preferred resources, through a local capacity solicitation. They include demand response, energy … [Read more...]