Quick Energy Efficiency News… A Billionaire’s Clean Energy Bike and a Twist on Geothermal

Quick energy efficiency news for this week… Could your morning workout power a home? Billionaire Manoj Bhargava thinks so. As part of his new hobby to solve the world’s greatest problems – like universal access to clean energy – he built a battery-equipped stationary bike that can provide energy for a home’s basic energy needs, e.g. lights and … [Read more...]

Energy Use Down, Even Where Economy is Up, says IEA Energy Efficiency Market Report

It’s an anomaly, a good one. Energy use is down, even where economic activity is up. That’s the word from the latest report on energy efficiency markets from the International Energy Agency. Energy consumption has dropped to levels not seen since the 1980s in the 29 IEA countries, which include the United States. At the same time, per capita … [Read more...]

‘Global Warming’ Leaves Americans Cold…and More Quick Energy Efficiency News for this Week

Quick energy efficiency news for this week… We’ll have to ditch the terms “global warming” and “climate change” if we want to advance U.S. energy and environmental policy. Research presented in the book, Cheap and Clean: How Americans Think About Energy in the Age of Global Warming, conducted in conjunction with the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), … [Read more...]

GE to Channel $1B into Energy Efficiency, Generation and Storage

GE plans to channel $1 billion into a new type of energy efficiency, generation and storage venture that combines financing with GE’s physical and digital capabilities. The company announced the new business Tuesday at its fourth annual Minds + Machines 2015 in San Francisco, an event focused on the industrial Internet. GE said that the new … [Read more...]

Legislation Gives California Energy Efficiency a Big Boost

SB 350, legislation just passed, gives California energy efficiency a big boost. It doubles the state's goal for energy efficiency in buildings, boosting the goal from 8% to about 17% by 2030, says Steven Chadima, director of California initiatives for the Advanced Energy Economy in this podcast. "The goal here for a lot of this is to see more … [Read more...]

Major Public Pension Fund Backs Index to Benchmark Industrial Energy Productivity

A major public pension fund is backing a new project to benchmark the energy productivity of companies – how much revenue or production they achieve for each unit of energy that they consume. The Energy Productivity Index for Companies is the first global energy productivity benchmark for listed industrial companies. The index was officially … [Read more...]

Obama Spins Vision of Decentralized Energy Revolution…for Tree Huggers, Tea Partiers, Everybody  

President Barack Obama made clear this week how much he will champion the next phase in the American energy revolution -- the drive toward local energy, a decentralized grid and consumer control. For Obama to push green energy is not new. But at the National Clean Energy Summit in Nevada Monday he spun the vision of the next stage, one that is … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Programs Help Save Oregon Utility Customers $326 Million in 2014

The Energy Trust of Oregon's energy efficiency programs and renewable energy programs--funded by a public purpose charge--helped save Oregon customers $326 million in 2014. By year-end, program participation grew 22 percent over 2013, climbing to more than 84,000 locations served. Two-thirds of the savings came from measures installed by … [Read more...]

Quick Energy Efficiency News…Yes! Appliance Standards…$25M from NYSERDA for Buildings…Bring Your Own Device to this DR Party

Quick Energy Efficiency news for this week... Here’s yet another plug for why energy efficiency appliance standards are a good idea. Standards for television set-top boxes have cut energy bills by $500 million, according to a new report by independent auditor, D&R International. The “Voluntary Agreement for Ongoing Improvement to the Energy … [Read more...]

Not to Worry. The Clean Power Plan is Still Very Good for Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is no longer a building block in the Clean Power Plan, released in final form by the Obama Administration August 3. But our sources tell us that’s not a bad thing -- as counter-intuitive as it may seem. In fact, the carbon reduction plan will give energy efficiency a very big boost, as expected all along. Why did the EPA remove … [Read more...]