How the Clean Power Plan Will Spur More Microgrids…Eventually

The Clean Power Plan is likely to spur more microgrid development, offering a new and different kind of public policy support for these mini-versions of the larger grid. But not overnight. Announced by the Environmental Protection Agency this week, the rule requires that states come up with plans to cut carbon dioxide emissions from electric power … [Read more...]

California Offers $10M for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Section of Oregon to Baja

The California Energy Commission is offering $10 million in grant funds for electric vehicle charging stations on designated corridors from San Jose southward. The direct current fast charging stations will be installed son Interstate 5 (I-5), State Route 99 (SR 99), and along United States Highway 101 (US-101) from San Jose travelling south in … [Read more...]

Avoiding Mistakes and Managing Challenges in Developing Community Microgrids

Before developing a community microgrid, it's important to engage the right experts and take into account certain market challenges, as detailed in this except from  “Community Microgrids: A Guide for Mayors and City Leaders Seeking Clean, Reliable and Locally Controlled Energy.” The value of a microgrid lies in its sophisticated ability to offer … [Read more...]

Financing Community Microgrids: An Excerpt from Our New Community Microgrid Guide

Financing community microgrids may require piecing together funding from a variety of potential sources. Each project requires a customized approach, and an evaluation of not only costs, but also potential revenue sources. When you first seek out financing for a municipal microgrid, your team should assess your organization’s credit quality, the … [Read more...]

Quick Energy Efficiency News: Cool Stuff from NRG & Ice…Cement, Steel and Energy Savings…Massachusetts Behaves…NY Goes Solar

The energy storage deals keep coming in California, a state that requires utilities secure 1.3 GW of the resource by 2020. The latest pairing is between NRG Energy, a megasize generation and innovation company and Ice Energy, a technology leader that uses ice to provide energy storage. NRG and Ice Energy will supply 25.6 MW of behind-the-meter … [Read more...]

What are Advanced Microgrids? A Primer for Communities Considering Local Energy

What are advanced microgrids, exactly, and why are they becoming so important to the electricity grid? Here is a primer excerpted from's new report, "Community Microgrids: A Guide for Mayors and City Leaders Seeking Clean, Reliable and Locally Controlled Energy." Microgrids have received heightened attention in recent years … [Read more...]

Next for the Resilient Power Industry: How to Keep the Rest of Us Out of the Dark

Resilient power -- what keeps the lights on when the central grid fails -- is evolving from a concept into an industry. Its roots lie in the realization that loss of power is at best uncomfortable, at worst dangerous in today’s electricity-reliant society. Outages also are expensive. So averting power loss has a monetary value to society. This … [Read more...]

What Mayors and City Leaders Need to Know about Community Microgrids

Towns and cities are awakening to the importance of community microgrids; to the value of gaining control over their energy supply, and ensuring that it is clean, efficient and secure. Recent storms and power outages have accelerated the trend, as has the realization among local officials that developing local energy can help municipalities: ▶▶ … [Read more...]

Quick Energy Efficiency News…Investors Pledge $4B for Clean Energy Tech…Consumer Energy Loans…Internet of Energy

Quick energy efficiency news for this week... The Obama administration announced today that private investors have committed $4 billion to fund clean energy projects that  reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The funding represents a doubling of the White House's orginal $2 billion goal for the program. The money will come from hundreds of … [Read more...]

What’s Really Got the Attention of Utilities?  

New environmental regulation, no doubt, sets utilities on edge. But even with federal carbon dioxide rules pending, regulation comes in second to a bigger disrupter -- distributed generation. That’s the finding of DNV GL’s Second Annual Utility of the Future Pulse Survey released today at the Utility of the Future Leadership Forum in Washington, … [Read more...]