Air Force to Build Military Microgrid at Pearl Harbor

The U.S. Air Force continues to show itself as a leader in distributed energy, this time with a military microgrid planned at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. The Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) and the Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies (HCATT) recently signed a $20 million agreement to develop the demonstration project. The … [Read more...]

But What if the Microgrid Fails Too?

Microgrids act as insurance if the central electric grid fails. So it’s fair to ask, how do you keep the microgrid from failing too? It's a legitimate worry since microgrids increasingly provide back-up power for critical facilities -- hospitals, emergency services, telecommunications towers and the like. This is an issue IPERC (short for … [Read more...]

Military Microgrid Tested in Missouri to Meet Growing Energy Needs in the Battlefield

The U.S. Army reported May  7 that it has demonstrated a military microgrid with open architecture and plug-in and play ability that will help soldiers meet growing demand for energy in the battlefield. The demonstration took place last month at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. The microgrid provides power for soldiers during 24-hour … [Read more...]

Growing Microgrid Markets? An Energy Attorney’s View

Where and why are microgrid markets growing? Chad Marriott, an associate with Stoel Rives, Portland, who is an active member of the company's energy development team, says he's seeing interest first of all from industries with critical loads -- hospitals, for example. In addition, in the Pacific Northwest, certain types of energy-intensive … [Read more...]

Maryland’s Microgrid Policy: Building a Market, Not Giving Away Money

“We want you in our state,” Kyle Haas, a Maryland energy policy manager told a room full of microgrid developers last week in Washington, D.C. “I want to bring your company to Maryland.” But don’t expect any grant money – or much anyway – to sweeten the pot. While California, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York, are offering tens of … [Read more...]

Benefits Energy Storage Brings to Smart Microgrids

Smart microgrids are able to integrate renewable resources and allow for customer participation in the electrical grid through local power generation. Energy storage plays a critical role is a smart microgrids. Energy storage helps facilitate the use of renewable energy resources to power microgrids, while also protecting power stability and … [Read more...]

Alstom: The New Grid Will be a Constellation of Community Microgrids

We tend to describe microgrids as a way to keep the lights on when storms strike. But increasingly microgrids, especially community microgrids, are becoming central to a larger economic and sociological shift to local energy. The trend could be world-changing, but it certainly will be industry-changing, especially for a company like Alstom, … [Read more...]

Army Moves Forward with Microgrid-Ready Solar in Alabama

Designing new solar projects to be 'microgrid-ready' can boost their value. As is often the case with energy innovation, the military is leading the way in this practice. Redstone Arsenal is a good example. Based in Alabama, the facility is a strategic hub for both the Army and NASA, so energy security is crucial. Thus, the Army plans to install … [Read more...]

Microgrid Demonstration Project Tests Military, Other Uses

A microgrid demonstration project hosted by the US Navy and sponsored by the California Energy Commission will shine a light on how effective microgrids can be in providing demand charge management, load shifting, and solar firming. Just as important, the project will evaluate how well a photovoltaic solar system, used with batteries, … [Read more...]

The Next Generation of Electrical Workers: Microgrid Robots

Microgrids can provide power in remote, rugged. and even dangerous places. Problem is, you’ve got to put people in risky situations to build the microgrids – unless you send robots out to do the job. Researchers at Michigan Technological University are hard at work creating these microgrid robots, a creation that could have a far reaching impact … [Read more...]