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Community Microgrids: Where, Why and How?

In a Q&A interview, Hitachi's Brian Levite describes the emergence of community microgrids. Where can they be found? Why are they good for the economy and at-risk populations? And how can we make more of them? How would you define a microgrid and what are the major features and components? We utilize the Department of Energy’s definition … [Read more...]

Western Australian Utility Leads Switch to Microgrids

Sophie Vorrath of One Step Off the Grid describes how a utility leads the switch to microgrids in Western Australia. The shift from traditional centralized fossil fuel power generation to distributed renewable energy powered grids is widely accepted as a foregone conclusion by players in the global energy market. How quickly this will happen, … [Read more...]

Another Good Reason for Microgrids: Cyber Squirrel Operations are Climbing

Here's another good reason for microgrids. Grid terrorists are hiding in your backyard behind cute furry faces. John Rogers of the Union of Concerned Scientists describes how we can win the cyber squirrel wars. Some recent experiences with wildlife, and news about wildlife-electricity interactions, have me thinking about the risks of our … [Read more...]

California: Out of Controversy Comes a Role Model for Energy Storage?

The Clean Energy Group's Seth Mullendore describes problems that have plagued California's Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) and reforms that may make it a role model for energy storage incentives. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recently proposed a few changes to California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) … [Read more...]

Accelerating Access to Sustainable Electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Claire Henly and Kelly Carlin describe how the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is creating access to sustainable electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa -- and challenges that stand in the way.A team from Rocky Mountain Institute is working in sub-Saharan Africa to address barriers to sustainable electricity access. Since September of last year, we have … [Read more...]

All-in-one Solution for Microgrids: The Orchestra’s Conductor

ABB's Fabio Monachesi explains what an all-in-one solution for microgrids can achieve -- the kind of efficiency a conductor brings to an orchestra. Microgrids are localized low-voltage energy networks that can connect to the main grid or can operate as islands. Being low voltage makes them ideal for use with renewables, loads and energy storage … [Read more...]

The Take Away from California’s Aliso Canyon Leak? Develop Microgrids

With the threat of summer blackouts in L.A. because of the Aliso Canyon disaster, what's the lesson California should learn? Develop microgrids, add distributed energy, reinvent the old grid, says UCLA's Alex Ricklefs. The natural gas leak at the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility was a disaster with continuing widespread repercussions. In … [Read more...]

The Growing Role of Energy Storage in Microgrids

Adam Wilson, of Navigant Research, describes why energy storage in microgrids is likely to become the norm. Hint: Solar microgrids are on the rise. Energy storage systems (ESSs) have an important and diverse role in microgrids. Solar PV and other renewable distributed generation (DG) technologies require a voltage source in order to synchronize. … [Read more...]

How Advanced Controls and Proven Financial Return Spur Microgrid Growth

Advanced control will not only spur microgrid growth, but also other forms of distributed energy, as the industry looks beyond “quick hit” generation deployment and begins to design more comprehensive solutions. Siemens' Sally Jacquemin explains. Every five or 10 years, the power industry seems to latch onto the “hot topic” of the moment and … [Read more...]

How We Sell Microgrids Short. Way Short.

EnerNex's Doug Houseman explains how we sell microgrids short. The ideal microgrid is not just a technology to generate power, but a way to manage an entire habitat.  There is a lot of discussion about microgrids and their future and impact on the electrical industry. But most of those focus on delivering electricity and reliability. … [Read more...]