Microgrid 2018 Call for Presentations

“Microgrid 2018: Creating Markets & Models for the Greater Good” will focus on launching the microgrid industry to the next level. We will gather together top industry leaders to identify, strengthen and best leverage drivers to both quicken and broaden microgrid adoption.

Our core premise is that microgrids serve the greater good, both during emergencies and in times of calm. Among other things, microgrids:

Provide electricity for community well-being and recovery after severe storms and cyberattack
Green the energy supply
Supply efficient, cost-effective and high quality energy necessary for advanced economies

But market and model obstructions often slow the adoption of microgrids by communities, governments, businesses and institutions. The lengthy power outages faced by Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria underscore the

We seek presentations and panelists to articulate these problems and discuss and debate solutions. We ask that your idea fit into one of four content pillars: Relationship, Regulation, Resilience, Finance. (Note: ‘Relationship’ refers to the interaction of key stakeholders in ways that foster quickest and broadest adoption of microgrids.)

Please keep in mind that our agenda will be highly interactive, so preference will go to presentations likely to inspire questions and discussions.

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    Please note the Application Deadline: 1/26/18

    Speakers will be notified the week of 2/19/18