Microgrid 2019 Call for Case Studies & Presentations

Microgrid 2019: Shaping the New Electric Grid seeks case studies and presentations that feature innovative microgrids, nanogrids and virtual power plants, including (but not limited to) those projects that act as non-wires alternatives or serve community energy aggregations.

We welcome case studies and presentations that promote understanding of business and financing models, policy or regulation, products and markets, or technical and operational design.

This is a highly competitive process; last year’s conference attracted three times more speakers than openings.

Preference will be given to proposals that:

  1. Offer an engaging 15-minute talk (not including Q&A). We encourage use of Ted-Talk techniques to engage the audience. (Please check out this video. Note, in particular, Point 4: Make Your Idea Worth Sharing.)
  2. Provide content that is new and has not been presented at multiple other conferences
  3. Include customer participation. If you are presenting a project, we are more likely to accept your application if your customer joins you on stage to provide perspective.
  4. Appeal to one or more segments of the audience, expected to be C-suite energy executives, project development teams, technology providers, financiers, engineers, regulators and policymakers, and potential energy project customers from such industries as real estate development, commercial and industrial enterprises, the military, government, education and healthcare.

Please complete your application by submitting the form below by January 31, 2019. Microgrid Knowledge editors will review all applications and notify those chosen in late February.

Special Note about Panelists, Moderators and Keynote Speakers

We are not seeking keynote speakers, moderators, or main stage panelists within this solicitation. We will do so under a second call for speakers to be announced in January 2019 in the Microgrid Knowledge newsletter.

*There is no fee charged for presenting at Microgrid 2019. We do require all presenters (and their customers, if applicable) to register for the conference by March 15, 2019 to remain on the agenda. Please do so as a Speaker and receive a $300 discount.

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    Applications must include a headshot (150 x 150 minimum size). Photos of accepted speakers will be posted on the Microgrid 2019 website.*

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    Have a question? Please contact Sarah@MicrogridKnowledge.com

    Thank you for you interest in Microgrid 2019!