Some ‘Oh Wow’ Facts on Energy Efficiency from EE Global

EE Global in Washington, D.C. showcased some big energy efficiency innovations last week. Here's a rundown... Brainy light bulbs. Refrigerators that heat dishwasher water. Elevators that use no more energy than toasters. These are just a few of the “Oh Wow’ topics last week at the annual EE Global conference. But it was growth in cities – and … [Read more...]

The Energy-Efficient Elevator: Smart and Speedy

Next time you step into an elevator, consider this: Elevators are responsible for 8 to 10 percent of a building’s energy use. Before you start criticizing yourself for wasting energy, you might do a little investigating. Is this an older, creaky, slow-moving elevator? Or is it a new-fangled one that actually schedules and groups its riders by … [Read more...]