Arizona Public Service Developing 63-MW Data Center Microgrid

Arizona’s largest utility, Arizona Public Service (APS) is in the process of developing a large data center microgrid -- 63-MW – with partner Aligned Data Centers, a subsidiary of Aligned Energy. The utility and pay-for-use data center provider are billing the project as a ‘next generation microgrid’ that will include a new 69-kV … [Read more...]

How Utilities Can Harness the Power of Community Solar

Like microgrids, community solar (aka solar gardens) is growing in popularity as the U.S. comes to value clean and local energy. Here Tendril's Chris Black offers insight into how community solar benefits both utilities and consumers. Two forces must converge to truly bring solar to the masses: consumers and their utilities. Put these two … [Read more...]

ACEEE: Commission Staff Proposal Would Encroach on Arizonans' Freedom to Choose How They Use Energy

This post originally appeared on ACEEE’s blog. By  Annie Gilleo, ACEEEVoters made many decisions on Election Day. Governors were chosen and new laws were adopted. But one choice Arizona voters didn't get to make may raise utility costs for families and businesses in the state. On November 4th, while Arizona voters were focused on exit polls and … [Read more...]

Flagship Microgrid at UCSD Pioneers in Energy Efficiency

The flagship microgrid at UCSD boosts the campuses economics, energy efficiency and reputation. Sydney Reck explains why. As a leading institution in biotech studies and research, it’s no surprise that UCSD is also a trailblazer in the field of energy. Our campus is home to a complex microgrid system that generates nearly all of its own energy … [Read more...]