Appliance Standards Change the World in 2015 – Quietly  

Appliance standards don’t get the same attention as international climate talks in Paris or renewed U.S. solar tax credits. Yet they have a profound impact on the environment and energy economy -- especially the historic standards announced last week by the U.S. government. The Department of Energy (DOE) issued new standards for rooftop air … [Read more...]

New National Furnace Standards Will Save Consumers Money, but Stronger Standards Could Save Even More

National furnace standards, now under consideration, could create significant natural gas savings, explains Andrew deLaski of the Appliance Standards Awareness Project (ASAP). The US Department of Energy has issued a proposed rule for furnaces that would provide significant savings for consumers on their home heating bills, and be among the … [Read more...]

How Your Refrigerator has Kept its Cool over 40 Years of Efficiency Improvements

From icebox to energy star, the refrigerator has seen tremendous advancements over the last four decades that have made it ever more efficient. Marianne DiMascio, of the Appliance Standards Awareness Project, provides historical context. One of the great inventions of our time – the modern refrigerator – will get an efficiency makeover when new … [Read more...]

Taming an Energy Hog with Efficiency Standards

The Department of Energy  has issued new efficiency standards  that will dramatically reduce the energy use of a little-known home energy hog. Furnace fans, which circulate heated and cooled air throughout a home, consume more than twice the electricity in a year as a typical new refrigerator. The new standards will cut the cost to power furnace … [Read more...]

Obama Administration Belts Home Runs with New Energy Saving Standards

The Obama administration hit two home runs with new energy saving standards announced by President Obama along with other clean energy actions in California last week. The two new standards, covering electric motors and walk-in coolers and freezers will reduce energy waste, save money and cut pollution. Billions of dollars in net savings will make … [Read more...]

More Irony as the House Contradicts Itself on Energy Efficiency Standards

By Marianne DiMascio Outreach Director Appliance Standards Awareness Project The House of Representatives tacked on two amendments to the Energy and Water spending bill Wednesday that would limit DOE’s ability to carry out requirements mandated by none other than…Congress. One amendment would stop DOE from enforcing lighting efficiency standards … [Read more...]