It’s Been a Year Since Obama Set His Big Goal for Combined Heat and Power: How’s He Doing?

Most people grade President Barack Obama based on Syria, health care and the federal budget. But at, we’re watching his progress on combined heat and power (cogeneration). Obama set a goal last year to increase CHP installations 50 percent by 2020.Getting presidential attention was a huge deal for the CHP industry. … [Read more...]

The Real Power Behind Today’s Energy Efficiency Industry?

By Elisa Wood February 27, 2013 President Barack Obama recently pushed for increased energy efficiency in his State of the Union address. His endorsement is a plus, no argument. But it may not be the federal government that drives the industry’s next growth spurt. Increasingly, the push for clean energy seems to be more grassroots, from the … [Read more...]

Where do the presidential candidates stand on energy efficiency?

By Elisa Wood August 15, 2012 We know that what a political candidate says during a campaign often differs from what the eventual office-holder does. We also know that candidates choose their words carefully to give themselves wiggle room for modifications in course. So we listen for innuendo and subtleties when candidates talk about our … [Read more...]

The Ghost of High Energy Prices Past

By Elisa Wood Oct. 9, 2008 Halloween is still a few weeks away, but a ghost is already making an appearance, this one floating over the presidential campaigns. His name is Conservation. I first heard the specter of sacrifice evoked by Sen. Barack Obama in the Oct. 7 debate. The next day Gov. Sarah Palin repeated the term several times in a … [Read more...]

A Green Apple for the Teacher

By Lisa Cohn By news accounts Barack Obama is all the rage on college campuses these days. But there is another less reported campus movement that could considerably boost the energy efficiency industry. College students nationwide have mounted a serious campaign to clean up the nation’s energy supply. And they are starting in their own backyards – … [Read more...]