Energy Efficiency as an Act of Protest

A friend recently asked me how she can stop doing business with her electric utility as an act of protest. The utility is building a major gas transmission line that will run through pristine land. She wanted to make a statement by leaving the utility for a competitive electric supplier. It turned out that’s not an option for her – her state has … [Read more...]

Con Edison to Meet the Energy Needs of a Changing City

Push aside your stereotype about Con Edison as a slow moving public utility Goliath, and meet an energy company determined to change how it operates.  Con Ed, which serves the metropolitan New York area, is taking an innovative, cost savings approach to delivering dependable power that offers a glimpse into the future of what I predict all major … [Read more...]

Energy Storage in NYC: This is Not a Test

Energy storage got a high profile boost this week with the announcement of vanadium batteries being installed for New York City’s power-hungry transit system. Called the CellCube, the 400-kW battery system is being housed atop the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s 1.6 million square foot office building in downtown Manhattan. The batteries … [Read more...]

New York Working Hard to Catch Up with California’s Energy Storage Requirements

Battery storage is gaining more and more traction in the distributed energy resources community.  Last fall, California passed the first statewide energy storage directive in the United States. Issued by the California Public Utilities Commission the mandate requires all investor-owned utilities in the state including Southern California Edison, … [Read more...]

The Potential of Vanadium in Battery Storage

Lisa Cohn of Microgrid Knowledge  interviews Bill Radvak, CEO of American Vanadium, which is developing America’s only vanadium mine in Nevada. He talks about the potential of using this steel byproduct in battery storage systems.   The Potential of Vanadium in Battery Storage ] Follow our podcast feed or find us on itunes. … [Read more...]