Are We Overhyping Smart Energy – Again?

Sometimes we’re spot-on when we predict the future. Other times we blow it horribly. Take smart homes, the forerunner of today’s smart grid. Back in the 1980s, prognosticators thought we'd have millions of smart homes by now and that they would achieve remarkable feats. For example, a United Press International article from 1986 said that a child … [Read more...]

MicroNews: Joule Assets, the Utility Analytics Institute, Building Performance Institute, Access Fixtures

MicroNews:  Joule Assets, the Utility Analytics Institute, Building Performance Institute, Access Fixtures  This week in energy efficiency news… Joule Assets is offering a set of financing solutions for energy efficiency contractors  to help small-to-midsized projects find financing. Joule Assets will be offering Energy Reduction Assets … [Read more...]