Building Efficiency Now Biggest Business in Advanced Energy

If there were any doubt that advanced energy has become big business -- particularly building efficiency -- a report out today puts it to rest. With $199.5 billion in annual revenue, the advanced energy industry is now bigger than the airline industry, equal to pharmaceuticals, and nearly equal to consumer electronics in the United States, says … [Read more...]

Food and sleep for energy auditors?

The US faces a bit of a math problem when it comes to making its buildings more energy efficient. If every energy auditor worked around the clock, it would take 22 years to analyze all buildings. And of course the audit is only step one. “At that point we wouldn’t have saved a single kilowatt-hour of energy,” said Mike Kaplan, vice president of … [Read more...]

The $40 Billion Hiding in US Buildings

By Elisa Wood April 29, 2013 A pretty big wad of money – $40 billion – is hiding somewhere inside the lights, AC, thermostats, furnaces and fans of our offices, stores, hospitals and schools. That’s the amount of money the federal government estimates we can save annually by reducing energy use in commercial buildings 20 percent by 2020.  To … [Read more...]

Calling For Net-Zero Commercial Buildings

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters interviews Richard Kadzis, editor of Leader Magazine for CoreNet Global, an association for corporate real estate executives that is calling for net-zero commercial buildings. As part of the effort, CoreNet will share the results of AT&T's efforts to retrofit its 150 million square feet of buildings … [Read more...]

Survey: What will it take to make buildings more efficient?

By Elisa Wood October 18, 2012 In 2010, China built more housing than Spain has homes. That factoid underscores the significance of energy efficiency for buildings in a report released this week by an affiliate of the respected publication, The Economist. Commissioned by the Global Buildings Performance Network, the report emerged from a … [Read more...]

Mining for energy efficiency opportunity in NYC

By Elisa Wood September 13, 2012 If markets thrive on information, then New York City recently unlocked a gold mine for the energy efficiency industry. The city became the first in the US to make public how well (or poorly) large, private buildings within its borders perform when it comes to energy and water use. A city website displays … [Read more...]

A new twist in the energy efficiency story

By Elisa Wood August 22, 2012 Blend a little new energy tech with a pinch of behavioral psychology and you’re bound to get something unexpected. Consider what happened when New York City-based ThinkEco recently lead a four-month energy challenge for international industrial packaging company Greif. The goal, of course, was to save energy. … [Read more...]

Occupancy-based energy management

Lisa Cohn of interviews  Jason Tiener, CEO of Telkonet. He explains where and how occupancy-based energy management is most helpful.   Occupancy-based energy management] … [Read more...]

Goodbye light bulb jokes?

By Elisa Wood April 6, 2011 Once upon a time, joking about ‘how many it takes to screw in a light bulb’ was a great way to poke fun at people’s intelligence. After all, what could be easier than screwing in a light bulb? Any idiot could do it. Not so any more. Lighting has exploded into a sophisticated business. And for those who manage … [Read more...]

Why President Obama’s better buildings initiative doesn’t work for multifamily

Guest blog By Michael Miller You might think by this headline that I’m about to rant about the news regarding energy efficiency policy that was circulating last week. President Obama outlined a plan called the Better Buildings Initiative to incentivize energy efficiency in commercial buildings during his visit to Penn State. Actually, I want to … [Read more...]