Food and sleep for energy auditors?

The US faces a bit of a math problem when it comes to making its buildings more energy efficient. If every energy auditor worked around the clock, it would take 22 years to analyze all buildings. And of course the audit is only step one. “At that point we wouldn’t have saved a single kilowatt-hour of energy,” said Mike Kaplan, vice president of … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Meter Data Management

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters interviews Norm Daigle, executive vice president at Harris Utilities SmartWorks, about the benefits of meter data management and customer engagement programs. The company has gained 53 new utility customers in the past three years, 20 of which were added in the past year.   The Benefits of Meter Data … [Read more...]

Occupancy-based energy management

Lisa Cohn of interviews  Jason Tiener, CEO of Telkonet. He explains where and how occupancy-based energy management is most helpful.   Occupancy-based energy management] … [Read more...]