Legislation Gives California Energy Efficiency a Big Boost

SB 350, legislation just passed, gives California energy efficiency a big boost. It doubles the state's goal for energy efficiency in buildings, boosting the goal from 8% to about 17% by 2030, says Steven Chadima, director of California initiatives for the Advanced Energy Economy in this podcast. "The goal here for a lot of this is to see more … [Read more...]

California Doubles Down on Energy Efficiency with Passage of SB 350

With passage of SB 350 on September 11, California is poised to reduce its electricity needs by about 30 percent and its natural gas needs by about 10 percent below the demand projected in 2030. NRDC's Merrian Borgeson explains. Senate Bill 350 will double our current goals (yes, that is a 100 percent increase) for energy savings in California's … [Read more...]