Cap and Trade: The Secret Sauce for Top Energy Efficiency States?

The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states win top spots again and again for  energy efficiency. Massachusetts has been number one three years running in an annual scorecard by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. And five of its neighbors were in the top 10 last year. Is there a secret sauce? One thing they all have in common is that … [Read more...]

Efficiency left out of cap and trade

By Elisa Wood October 15, 2009 Waxman/Markey’s climate change bill is about 1,400 pages.  Its length and complexity, alone, provides fuel for its opponents.  Would it stand a better chance of enactment if it encompassed less? For example, would it have been wiser if Congress pursued cap and trade one year and a renewable energy standard another? … [Read more...]

Now where did I put that energy efficiency?

By Elisa Wood September 17, 2009 Sort of like my car keys, “the forgotten memory doesn't disappear - we just can't remember where we put it.” So says Jonah Lehrer, one of my favorite bloggers and contributing editor at Wired. What’s memory got to do with electric power? It appears we keep misplacing energy efficiency. When critics – even … [Read more...]

Carbon cap and boom?

By Elisa Wood August 6, 2009 If we try to reduce greenhouse gases, the economy will take a hit, according to conventional wisdom. The Energy Information Administration bolstered the notion this week by reporting that energy prices would rise for the average US family by $142 in 2020 and $583 in 2030 under the House cap and trade bill passed in … [Read more...]

Efficiency’s Role in Carbon Cap-and-Trade

By Elisa Wood August 28, 2008 We hear a lot about how efficiency will play an increasingly important role as the United States undertakes efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. But how does that play out in a practical sense under cap-and-trade programs? The Offset Quality Initiative provides insight in a new white paper on greenhouse gas … [Read more...]

Eastern States Ready for Big EE Boost

By Lisa Cohn August 21, 2008 Several eastern states will see a large injection of cash for energy efficiency after the nation’s first mandatory auction of carbon dioxide allowances September 25. The auction marks the United States entry into the world of capping and trading carbon dioxide emissions. Ten states are participating in the program, … [Read more...]