How Utilities Can Harness the Power of Community Solar

Like microgrids, community solar (aka solar gardens) is growing in popularity as the U.S. comes to value clean and local energy. Here Tendril's Chris Black offers insight into how community solar benefits both utilities and consumers. Two forces must converge to truly bring solar to the masses: consumers and their utilities. Put these two … [Read more...]

Helping Community Solar Developers Cut Through Red Tape

Interest in community solar is growing, but one of the main challenges is the red tape associated with getting projects up and running. Tom Hunt, director of research and government relations, Clean Energy Collective, talks about a new DOE-supported web platform that will help overcome this obstacle. … [Read more...]

How to grow a solar energy garden

By Elisa Wood June 21, 2012 Getting energy from the sun is a great idea. However, installing solar panels house-by-house is slow, costly and cumbersome, and downright inefficient if the goal is to bring solar to the masses. This problem troubled Paul Spencer after he built his own uber-efficient, custom solar home near Aspen, Colorado in … [Read more...]